Profit Info

Profit Information Indicator for MetaTrader 4 which displays actual profit information
ProfitInfo Main
The goal of this indicator is to give you a quick & comprehensive view of your current profit. IceFX’s ProfitInfo is a utility indicator which displays the profit which is calculated from the acutal trades on the chart(s). The indicator displays on a daily / weekly / monthly and yearly breakdown and shows the profit in pips / currency and percentage.

Main features:
● You can easily adjust IceFX’s ProfitInfo to display profit on the the actualy open chart / actual trade or even the profit of the entire account.
● Full customizable position on the chart
● Customizable font size
● Show daily and monthly average profit
● MagicNumber filter
● Comment filter

Download latest version (v1.5.2):


or download from MT4 Market:

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Version history
● v1.5.2 – 2016.03.13
– support 2-digits CFDs

● v1.5.0 – 2015.12.30
– add lot column

● v1.4.2 – 2013.11.13
– Some percentage bug fixed

● v1.4.1 – 2013.11.04
– Some bug fixed

● v1.4.0 – 2013.10.27
– StartDateFilter: set the starting date of profit calculation
– Show daily and monthly average profit
– Refresh every 10 seconds
– Correct order to show when choosing left-side layout

● v1.3.2 – 2013.07.17
– Some bugfix in pip calculation logic
– MagicNumber filter (it only shows orders which has the same magic numbers)
– Comment filter (it filters which OrderComment include this text parameter)
– Background panel update

● v1.3.0 – 2013.05.30
● v1.2.0 – 2012.09.06